Why Put The SpotLight On People Like You?

How about ten reasons, just for starters.

1. It’s free and it’s EASY.

2. A SpotLight is a wonderful way to applaud, honor, thank, acknowledge, encourage, or compliment somebody.

3. It’s an opportunity to do something for someone instead of ask for something. Imagine the doors that might open when you can tell someone, “I’m a contributing member of SpotLighting.Us, and I want to SpotLight you. When are you available for an interview?”

4. People can tell other people about the SpotLights you create. Positive word-of-mouth is the most persuasive recommendation in the world.

5. People in the SpotLight can link to SpotLights about them. SpotLights are great for things like an In-The-News page or a list of Honorable Mentions.

6. People you SpotLight can talk about things they care about. (They might even say nice things about whatever you’re up to, too.)

7. It’s fun!!!

8. You can insert an ad into the text of your SpotLight from advertisers who reward you for sending business their way.

9. Everybody’s crazy about each other around here. As one member said, “SpotLighting.Us is probably the world’s first mutual adoration society!” Quite the opposite of a Lonely Hearts Club.

10. Karma.


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