You view and comment on SpotLights right here in the public SpotLighting.Us Theater.

You post new SpotLights from the SpotLighting.Us Lighting Booth. It looks like this:  The Lighting Booth

How To Get Into The Lighting Booth

To get your keys to the Lighting Booth so you can start SpotLighting, just register.

It’s free.

After you register, you’ll get a confirmation message and your key so you can start SpotLighting. (Advanced SpotLighters can insert ads of companies who reward you if you send business their way.)

How To Decide Who To SpotLight

How about people you know and admire. And maybe people you admire but don’t know.

People who make you laugh. Who make kids laugh and help them learn. Who make your jaw drop in amazement. Have helped you, and probably still help you. Have a unique soul. Original thinkers. People who make creations that require great skill, time, and care. Who give a lot. Lead and inspire. Who solve problems and make life easier. People who’ve made sacrifices. Who do good things even though they don’t get anything for it. Any one of those billions of geniuses and heroes out there.

A list of the kinds of geniuses and heroes you already know is  listed on the Who? page.

(For email messages and other suggestions for ideas about getting and conducting interviews, see The Art Of SpotLighting.)

How To Log In

After you have a key, log in to the Lighting Booth here:

How To Log Out

You can log out of the Theater from any Leave A Reply area. Leave A Reply opens when you click on any No Comments link.

You can log out of the Lighting Booth by clicking on Log Out in the upper left corner.

How To Comment On A SpotLight

Open the SpotLight you want to comment on in your web browser.

You can comment only if the SpotLight’s author allowed Comments when they posted the SpotLight. If they did, you’ll find the Comments link under it.


…you’ll see a link that says either No Comments or the number of comments under the SpotLight. Click on the link to open an empty text box and submit your comment there.

How To SpotLight

1. Get a key to the Lighting Booth.
a. If you haven’t already joined SpotLighting.Us, get an invitation code.
b. You’ll get a message to confirm you want the invitation, then a message with  your invitation code.
c. Use your invitation code to register for a Lighting Booth key. After you confirm you want the key, you’ll receive it with instructions on how to place an ad in a SpotLight.
2. Enter the Lighting Booth from (You might want to bookmark that page.)
3. In the Lighting Booth, locate and click on Posts on the left side.
4. Click on Add New.
5. Type the title of your SpotLight into the title field.
6. Paste your entire SpotLight into the upper text box.
7. If you want one, paste an excerpt of your SpotLight into the Excerpt text box. This, and everything else but the title and main text, is optional.
8. Add three to five relevant search terms in the Post Tags text box so search engines can find your Spot.
9. Assign your SpotLight to up to three categories. If the right category doesn’t exist, skip this and your SpotLight will automatically go to the Out There category. You can request a new category by writing to info [at} spotlighting [dot] us.
10. Click Save Draft and Preview it until you’re ready to Submit For Review.

Your SpotLight will be published as soon as someone on the SpotLighting Crew has a chance to approve it.

How To Insert A Link Into Your SpotLight

There are two kinds of links. One is ad-code you get from an advertiser. The other is a bit of text in your SpotLight that you want to be a clickable link.

Instructions for inserting ad-code are emailed to you after you get your key to the Lighting Booth.

To turn a string of text in your SpotLight into a link.

1. Select the content that you want to link from. On the toolbar, the Link and Unlink buttons will activate.
2. Choose the Link button, and insert the destination that you want the link to go to.

How To Edit Your SpotLight

1. Log in to the SpotLighting.Us “Lighting Booth.” (See How To SpotLight for instructions on registering and logging in.)
2. Click on Posts, then on Edit.
3. Click on the title of the post you want to edit.
4. Make changes in the Visual or HTML editing box.

How To Add Media (e.g. Photos, Video, and Audio) To A SpotLight

You don’t embed media into your text. Instead, you link to media files you keep elsewhere. In the Tool Room you’ll find a list of some places you can upload and store media, which will give you the link/URL to your media. Insert that link/URL into your SpotLights. Photos will show up and video and audio will play right in your SpotLight.

1. Log in to the SpotLighting.Us Lighting Booth. (See How To SpotLight for instructions on registering and logging in.)
2. Click on Posts, then on Add New.
3. Open the “Kitchen Sink” by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Z, or by clicking on the Kitchen Sink button on the toolbar under the Visual tab. Kitchen Sink Button
4. Click on the button to Insert/Edit Embedded Media. It looks like a bit of 35mm film.
a. Insert the URL that points to your video file.
b. Choose the file type.
c. Adjust the dimensions if you need to.
d. Include any additional information you want to add under Advanced.
5. Click the Insert button.
6. Preview and Submit For Review when you’re done.

How To Delete Media

1. Log in to the SpotLighting.Us “Lighting Booth.” (See How To SpotLight for instructions on registering and logging in.)
2. Click on Posts, then on Edit.
3. Click on the title of the post you want to edit.
4. Click on the image of the media.
5. Press the delete key on your keyboard.
6. Preview and Submit For Review when you’re done.

How To SpotLight Anonymously

Every once in a while, we let people log in and post SpotLights anonymously. If you can log in with any of the following login combinations, then it’s anonymity time. If you can’t, it isn’t. (All SpotLights are reviewed before they’re published.)

UN OperaPhantom – PW Masked1
UN Costumed – PW AndDisguised

The Box Office – How To Generate Money By SpotLighting

While there’s absolutely no guarantee that your SpotLight will receive valid clicks or sales so you receive money, it is possible. You just might SpotLight a very popular topic. The text in your SpotLight can link to resources that are useful to your readers. The links can lead your readers to other web sites, including sites that will reward you for bringing them that lead.

The Three General Steps To The Box Office

One:  As soon as you register for SpotLighting.Us. we’ll send you email with the simple instructions on getting ad-links to insert into your SpotLights. We do not get any portion of any rewards you might get from links you insert into your articles. If your post is deleted (by you, or by some accident, or, at our discretion, by us), you’d no longer be able to receive rewards from the links in it.

Two: Write your article. Around 500 words is a good length.

Three: Post Your Article. The email you get when you register also explains how to post articles to SpotLighting.Us. It also explains how to insert the linkcode, and any optional photos, video, and or audio you might want to include. (You’ll always be able to edit your post after you upload it.)

Note: You’ll have to register and comply with the terms of the ad-linking company we work with. This is the only way you can place an ad in a SpotLight.

How To Lose Your Membership In Spotlighting.Us

This is important. Read the Guidelines and Terms of Use.


How To Suggest or Nominate A SpotLight

We’ll tell you soon!

Things Didn’t Go The Way You Hoped They Would?

Somebody didn’t call you back? Didn’t show up? Doesn’t want to be interviewed?

What a great opportunity to practice being at peace with exactly what is!

Meantime, you might also create some superb samples to prove that your brilliant light will make others shine as brilliantly as you do.

How To Help SpotLighting.Us

One way: send constructive feedback, corrections, suggestions, and comments of many kinds.  Send them to info [at] SpotLighting.Us.

Best way: let your light shine!


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