When you create a SpotLight, you assign it to a category. (More will be added as we discover what’s missing.)

Here’s a list of the kinds of heroes and geniuses you already know:

Animal Lovers – People who care for the earth’s other critters.
Artists – People who make imagination real.
Athletes – People who take fun seriously.
Builders – People who build cities and everything in and around them.
Caregivers – People who take care of other people.
Children – People who arrived pretty recently.
Coaches – People whose job is our success.
Communicators – People who work with words.
Couriers – People who transport us and our stuff.
Culinarians – People who delight us with the joys of eating and keep us happily fed.
Daredevils – People we pay to do things like leap tall buildings in a single bound.
Educators – People who help us learn.
Entrepreneurs – People who provide us with all those products and services we wouldn’t do without.
Entertainers – People we love to surrender our captured attention to.
Farmers – People who grow things everywhere from the inner city to far-flung fields.
Fixers – People who fix things (and thereby keep us sane).
Gamblers – People who play with odds.
Geeks – People who really get gadgets.
Healers – People who help keep us going, or put us back together.
Healing – People who are putting themselves back together.
Heirs and Monarchs – Silver-spoon people who are up to lots of good.
Homemakers – People who make life wonderful.
Image Crafters – People who make us famous and powerful.
Improvisers – You never know what they’ll do next.
Innovators – People who think of it for the first time.
Leaders – People who speak and act on behalf of other people.
Legal Pros – People who write, pass, interpret, apply, and enforce law.
Masters – Disciples of wisdom who tend to appear when we’re ready.
Money Pros – People who manage and count the beans.
Musicians – People who fill our ears with melody and tempo.
Organizers – People who can always find their keys.
Out There – People who are too unique to be sorted with anybody else.
Parents – People who’ve created other people.
Peacekeepers – People who stop bullies and defend the innocent.
Philanthropists – People who do a lot for other people.
Psychics – People who just know. (And maybe others who just say they do.)
Rescuers – People who risk their lives saving ours.
Scientists – People who pursue know-ing and apply the truth.
Seekers – Students and people looking for new paths.
Sellers – People who help us decide what and whether to buy.
Sparklers – People who polish the planet so everything shines.
Speakers – People we love to listen to.
SpotLighters – People who put the SpotLight on people like you.
StrongMen – Steel, stone, brick. Cars, trucks, ships. They could move mountains, and sometimes do.
Stylers – People who make us look good.
Successes – People who don’t work anymore.
Travelers – People who take us places and take care of us when we get there.
‘Tweeners – People who are between a few options.
Visionaries – People who shine light on the possibility nobody else could see.
Wise Worship – People who interpret the Word and help guide us to the higher path.

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