How To Generate Money By SpotLighting

While nobody can guarantee your SpotLight will receive valid clicks or sales so you receive money, it is possible. Especially if the text in your SpotLight contains information that’s useful to your readers. You just might SpotLight a very popular topic. And we do everything we can to optimize SpotLighting.Us for search engines.

The Three General Steps To The Box Office

One:  After you register for SpotLighting.Us (start here), we send you the simple instructions on getting ad-links to insert into your SpotLights.

Two: Write your article. Around 500 words is a good length.

Three: Post Your Article. The email you get when you register explains how to post SpotLights. It also explains how to insert the linkcode, and any optional photos, video, and or audio you might want to include. (You’ll always be able to edit your post after you upload it.)

Note: You’ll have to register with the ad-linking company we work with, and abide by their terms. This is the only way you can place an ad in a SpotLight. We don’t get any portion of any rewards you might get from ad-links you insert into your articles. If your post is deleted (by you, or by some accident, or, at our discretion, by us), you’d no longer be able to receive rewards from the links in it.

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