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You’re In The SpotLight!
You’ve Been SpotLighted!
Just Saw You In The SpotLight!
Are You A SpotLighter?
Do You SpotLight?
Great Job SpotLighting –and a request
[Somebody] In The SpotLight!
Want To Share The SpotLight?
Let’s Share The SpotLight!
Share The SpotLight With Me!
You’ve Been Spotted For SpotLighting.Us!

The Art Of SpotLighting
Ideas For Content
In-A-Flash SpotLights

Image Hosting

Video Hosting

Subject Line: FirstName – You’re In The SpotLight!
Subject Line: FirstName – You’ve Been SpotLighted!

Hey FirstName!

You are amazing, and you’re in the SpotLight!


[Insert the link to your SpotLight]

Bravo! Encore! Bravo!

Subject Line: Just Saw You In The SpotLight!


Somebody SpotLighted you on SpotLighting.Us!

How many more amazing things do I not know about you?


Subject Line: Are You A SpotLighter?
Subject Line: Do You SpotLight?

Hi FirstName,

I know you’re an excellent writer. [I know you’re great with video.]

Do you by any chance SpotLight? Because I’d like to know if you would SpotLight someone I admire on SpotLighting.Us. It can be text, photo, video, and or audio, and can include an ad-link that would reward you for any traffic you might get. (It’s free.)


Let me know what you think.


Subject Line: Great Job SpotLighting – and a request

That was a great SpotLight you did about [person in the SpotLight].

Just wondering… Would you be willing to SpotLight someone I admire?

Let me know. I know you’re busy, and any answer way is fine.

You can reach me at [contact info or suggestion for a time to connect.]


Subject Line: FirstName LastName In The SpotLight!

Hey, did you see this? FirstName LastName is in the SpotLight!

[insert link to the SpotLight]

Way to go FirstName!

High five everybody!


Subject Line: Want To Share The SpotLight?
Subject Line: Let’s Share The SpotLight!
Subject Line: Share The SpotLight With Me!

Hi FirstName,

I’m a contributing member of SpotLighting.Us, and I’d like to “share the SpotLight” with you. If you’ll SpotLight me before the end of next week, I’ll SpotLight you too!

It’s loads of fun, and it’s free!

Let me know,

Subject Line: FirstName – You’ve Been Spotted For SpotLighting.Us!

Hi FirstName,

I’m a contributing member of SpotLighting.Us, and I’d like to put the SpotLight on you!

[I know about you because I work in (industry) and I admire your accomplishments.] [I know you from ____ and have learned a lot from you over the years.] [I saw you on (socialnetwork or website), and was impressed.] [We both graduated from ___]

What will happen is I’ll write a short article about you and post it to SpotLighting.Us. If you like, I can send it to you to see what you think before I post it. I’ll tell people you’ve been SpotLighted and send them the link. You can too, of course!

I can email you some questions I might have to fill in what I already know. Or we can do an interview in person. It’s up to you. Just let me know what’s most convenient. If you’d like to meet in person, let me know if you’re available at 0:00 on [day, month date] or 0:00 on [day, month date].

My email address is:
My phone number is:


The Art Of SpotLighting

Give at least 555 percent more than you’d ever expect to take.
Let the person you are SpotLighting do the talking.
Double-, triple-, and quadruple-check your facts, and then check them again.
Be entirely ready for the interview two days before it happens. Then prepare some more.
Don’t flake out or be late.
Use your spell-checker and proofread at least 93 times before you post.
Be genuine. Genuinely genuine. Be honest about what’s going on.
If you get nervous, you might acknowledge it, take a breath and a moment to pause, then return to the present and the fun of the interview. Let the light shine!

Ideas For Content

Causes and businesses they care about, with links for more information.

Link/s to the subject’s sites and on- and off-line hangouts (or contact
method the subject requests).

Video, audio, or text description of them in action, doing the amazing
thing(s) they do.

Time and place of events that include or feature them.

Time and place of events they endorse.

Where they were born.

Where they grew up.

Education and professional experience.

Family and other achievements.

Skills and talents.

Honors, awards.

Examples of humor.

What other people who also love them say about them.

Brief stories that portray something about who they are.

Specific word of advice or recommendations.

Reminder to use the orange RSS link to keep up on comments to your SpotLight.

Finish with a question or a proposed action, and an invitation to comment on the SpotLight.

Your own contact info.

In-A-Flash SpotLights

In addition to, or instead of, text you can SpotLight someone “In A Flash” and just list facts.

Title: FirstName LastName In A Flash

Web Site:
Facts About:

Image Hosting (put your photos here and paste the URL into the HTML tab of your SpotLight)



http://www.cloudfireit.com Uploads right from your iPhoto, iTunes, and/or desktop.

http://www.mobypicture.com These guys love Twitterers.



Online Video Hosting (put your video here and paste the URL into the HTML tab of your SpotLight)







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