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Duart Maclean

Duart Maclean


Self-Enquiry: The Direct Path to Self-Realization

26 Minutes To A Powerful Tool

In an ingenious distillation of ancient and modern wisdom (including that of Sri Ramana Maharshi), Duart Maclean gifts us with articulate insights that lead to a very powerful tool for spiritual discipline. 

To listen to it, go to http://www.rebirthing.ca/conferencecalls.html and click on ‘Self-Enquiry: An Introduction.‘  Be prepared to wait a minute or so for the MP3 to download.

Duart is a genuine yogi, highly respected spiritual teacher, and accomplished master of enlightened living. He and his wife Lyse LeBeau are Canadians who journey to various parts of the world learning, discovering, and humbly sharing their awakened state.

Two of their books are available here: http://www.rebirthing.ca/

“This awakening to the Self is not something conceptual.  It comes with a letting go of our limited and erroneous notions of what we are and a complete surrender of our egoistic tendencies.  Such a transformation is a complete internal revolution, which touches every fiber of our being; it cannot be obtained by reading books, although books can be useful allies on the path.  It also cannot be reached by changing the external circumstances of our life.  Abandoning our families or quitting our jobs to lead a monastic life is unnecessary, because the real work is entirely internal. ” -Duart Maclean on Self-Enquiry