David Kaestner To The Rescue
David Kaestner To The Rescue


David Kaestner is more than an excellent mechanic. He is thorough, reliable, and extremely busy. He did not give up on my old car until he fixed it. He solved an enormous ongoing problem for me. And I could afford what he charged! Highly recommended.

David Kaestner In A Flash

Background: Worked as a mobile mechanic in the San Diego area before enlisting in the U.S. Army, where he worked as a mechanic on army vehicles. Has a lot of experience in construction and carpentry. Works as a volunteer firefighter on weekends. Grew up in the San Diego area.

Current: Highly recommended mobile mechanic services in San Diego, and sometimes beyond.

Contact: (858)213-7528

David can provide references from a long list of loyal customers. (Add your comments to this SpotLight!)
Vince: Volvo, Head Gasket   
Brian: Sentra, Brakes
Jeff: Golf, Brakes/ Bumper Repair   
Ayza: Camry Odyssey, Brakes
Lona: Civic, Brakes, Fuel Pump   
Lorin: Civic, Brakes   
Greg: Extera, Safety Inspection
Kathryn: Mitsubishi Diamante, Brakes   
Yaakov: Astro Van, Brakes and Body Repair
Jeremy: Sonata, Brakes
John: Eclipse, Brakes
Nicole: Jetta, Brakes
Roy: Lexus, Brakes/Lines
Dan: Audi, Radiator
Kelly: Civic, Head Gasket Replacement
Dan: Honda, Element Brakes/F- Oil Pan Gasket
Meric: Honda, S Brakes, Trany Flush, Oil Change, spark plugs, fluid change, check engine light
Chris: Scooter Idle Ajustment   
Andrea: Saturn, Brakes, Check Engine Light Diagnostic and Repair, Oil Change

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